Kent Ramblas: An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the Kent Ramblas blog!

We’ll keep this first entry brief, but thought you might want to know a bit about us.

Back in the summer of 2009, four friends were supping a few (OK, a lot of) cervezas on Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas and, riding high on the back of England’s Ashes win, decided to form a cricket team.

Enlisting the playing abilities of a group of mates, April 2010 saw the Kent Ramblas take the field for their first game.

The crushing defeat (47 all out with the bat was largely down to nerves. Honest…) didn’t dampen spirits and for the rest of the summer, and despite failing to pick up a victory the team played consistently with a smile on their faces.

2011: The next chapter

Although it was a win-less debut season, the winter wasn’t spent feeling sorry for ourselves.

The four-man board worked tirelessly to secure a home ground and then looked to ensure opponents for the new year would be of a level more akin to our own.

After five games, the losing run has yet to be broken, but the signs are promising, with batsmen and bowlers stepping up to the plate on various occasions.

And that takes us up to the present day! We’re hoping to use these pages for a bit of light relief, and to keep the watching world (or just our mums and girlfriends) up to date with all the Ramblas goings ons.


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