Meet the Ramblas | 2011

We’ve given you a little insight into how exactly we came to life, so here’s a brief introduction to the main players of our motley crew…

James Benson

A shaky start to proceedings with the bat failed to diminish his superlative catching ability and is universally regarded as the safest pair of hands in the team. The unerring catches in the deep have now been aligned with some cracking middle-order hitting – including some big sixes.

Steve Cleverley

‘The Unit’ (as nobody calls him) has morphed from steady middle-order batsman to opening the bowling with some fearsome deliveries. Safe to say he’s also the team joker, permanently with a smile on his face.

Michael Cooper

‘Coop’ may not look the most agile, but his (sometimes) razor-sharp reactions have prevented many a wayward delivery racing for four in his new guise as part-time wicketkeeper. He’s taken some key catches and his deceptively slower, slower ball has also proved the undoing of more than one batsman.

Ian Dacre

A late, but increasingly valuable, addition to the squad (and potentially the missing Loughlin brother), Ian’s commitment to time at the bar and not taking the game (or himself) too seriously has fitted in perfectly with the ethos of the burgeoning Ramblas.

Steve Fitch

Burst onto the Ramblas scene with a wicket from his very first ball and also spent the first half of last season putting in some decent batting performances. Back in form with the bat this year and a very handy outfielder.

Jon Loughlin

One of a pair of twins in the team and performed tirelessly behind the stumps last year to save a plethora of extras. Scored last year’s highest score and has again excelled with the bat this season.

Mark Loughlin

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that John’s twin is our most natural performer. Races in with searing pace to terrorise opposing batsmen and has also scored some key runs. Bravely delayed surgery to take part this year.

Geoff Parrett

A low-order, technically-gifted batsman, Geoff also offers much-needed variety with his slower deliveries. Geoff was also part of the four-man committee that created the team. More importantly, perhaps, he’s also the key barometer of the quality of tea on offer.

Felipe Sanchez-Rodriguez

Our overseas import, Spaniard Felipe may’ve initially lacked a general love for the game, but his effervesence at all club events and games, plus his excellent left-arm medium pace, make him a key component of the side. His batting may give Graham ‘Bunny’ Onions a run for his money, though.

Bradley Scoates

Ever the perfectionist, Brad has honed his technique as opening batsmen through hours of mental exercises. Came to the fore with some strong innings last season (as well as taking catch of the season in the last game). Now permanently out of the bowling attack – for his safety as much of the batsman’s.

Johnny Stocks

The youngest member of the team, but also our esteemed leader and the brains behind our birth. Also the herat-throb of the team, he’s turned into a stellar opening batsman, getting us off to some great starts.

Laurie Stocks

Our skipper’s older brother and responsible for setting up our games. His run-up may be unfeasibly long, but his commitment on and off the field have helped the Ramblas get to where we are today.

Chris Thomas

“Steady as she goes” could’ve been written with him in mind. So-so bowling, aligned with so-so batting makes him a Jack of all trades and master of none. Decent in the field and always offering support to the captain. Partial to a moan.

Rich Turner

Part-time Ramblas, full-time PC, Rich plays when he can, and when he does his deceptively quick right-arm deliveries have sent many a batsman back to the pavilion. His huge hitting has yet to pay dividends, but a big score is surely on the horizon.


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