End-of-Season Awards | 2013

As well as the skipper’s and players’ player votes (unknown at time of press), we have the other accolades to award for what proved to be a stellar year for everyone associated with the Kent Ramblas.

RINGER OF THE YEAR  // WINNER: Drew Smith (multiple)

Other contenders…

Rich Harriss (multiple) /  Dave Gambie (vs Wickham Park)  / Peter Macleod (vs Priory)  / Graeme Moir (vs Priory)  /  Mark Cowan (vs Priory)  / Sam Dacre (vs St Mary Cray)  /  Ahsan Haji (multiple) / John Sturgess (multiple)  / Paul Herderschee (vs Petts Wood)  /  Peter Ford (vs Eden Park)  /  Alex Danks (vs Eden Park)  /  Lewis Barham (multiple)  /  Lee Hinton (vs Petts Wood)  /  Rehan Qureshi (vs Chevening)

MOMENT OF THE SEASON  // WINNER: Stitch slide tackling Ash (vs Locksbottom)

Other contenders…

Stitch claiming the winning wicket on his 30th birthday (vs London Saints)
Ian being told by Chris to take it easy after hitting a four… then taking a huge swipe and getting bowled. And then getting ‘the eyes’ (vs Commonwealth)
Steve scaring everyone when hitting himself on the head with the bat while at the crease (vs Commonwealth)
Laurie chucking the ball into the back of Ash when it was easier to hit the stumps (vs Commonwealth)
Steve’s run, tumble and shout of “Oh shit!” (vs Petts Wood)

CATCH OF THE SEASON  // WINNER: Jonny’s tip and juggle off Geoff’s bowling (vs Cuddington Casuals)

Other contenders…

Coops’s dive at point off Chris’s bowling (vs Locksbottom)
Drew’s diving catch at backward point off Chris’s bowling (vs RACS)
Jon Loughlin’s catch off the gloves standing up to Ian (vs London Saints)
Sam’s leaping two-handed take at gully off Ian’s bowling (vs Cuddington Casuals)

DROP OF THE SEASON  // WINNER: Geoff vs Norwood (a)

Other contenders…

Ian vs Herne (a)
Chris vs Chevening (a)
Peter vs Priory (h)
Steve vs Eden Park (h)

INNINGS OF THE SEASON  // WINNER: Ash’s 132 vs Cuddington Casuals (h)

Other contenders…

Steve’s 21 n.o vs Bickley (a)
Sam’s 110 vs London Saints (h)
Mark’s 62 n.o vs Petts Wood (a)
Geoff’s 54 n.o vs Eden Park (h)

PARTNERSHIP OF THE SEASON  // WINNER: Jonny and Mark vs Petts Wood (a)

Other contenders…

Sam and Rich vs Locksbottom (h)
Coops and Mark vs Priory (h)
Bense and Geoff vs St Mary Cray (a)
Ash and Jonny vs Chevening (h)

GAME OF THE SEASON  // WINNER vs Eden Park (won by three wickets)

Other contenders…

vs Locksbottom (lost by one run)
vs Bickley (lost by 11 runs)
vs Petts Wood (won by seven wickets)
vs Cuddington Casuals (won by 94 runs)


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