Match Report: vs Brasted Invicta

On a glorious bank holiday in Sevenoaks, the Ramblas claimed their 12th of the season in a 49 run victory despite a spirited performance from the seven men of Brasted Invicta.

Match Report: vs Wrotham St George

In another gripping contest at Fortress Ex-Blues, an Alex Danks century saw the ten man Ramblas claim their 11th win of season against Wrotham St George. The win also saw the hosts finish the season with a 7-1 home record as they finish the season with two away games.

Match Report: vs London City

It was a day of typically high drama at Ex-Blues on Sunday, as Kent Ramblas got the better of London City at the third time of asking to seal an impressive win on a day that saw plenty of landmarks reached and records broken. Ahead of the game, there were some personal milestones to acknowledge,…

Match Report: vs Battersea Ironsides

The final of three successive away games brought with it an impressive victory for the Kent Ramblas, as they overcame a tough Battersea Ironsides team in a hastily arranged replacement fixture. However, the record-equalling ninth win of the season was not a straightforward one, as the Ramblas stumbled midway through their batting and failed to…

Match Report: vs Wickham Park CC

It was a day of toil and trouble for the Kent Ramblas as they suffered a chastening defeat at the hands of neighbours Wickham Park. Giddy from a rare win at the toss, Michael Cooper had little choice but to put the hosts into bat, with a damp pitch only going to get drier and,…

Match Report: vs Petts Wood

In what has become the Ramblas biggest derby match, the team head to Petts Wood looking to do the double over their rivals, as well as make amends for their last performance at the Willet Recreation Ground.

Match Report: vs Royal Challengers CC

It sounds like something Sherlock Holmes might have fun trying to solve, but if a cricket team arranges three games yet those three games never take place… does that cricket team really exist? That’s the question the Kent Ramblas were left contemplating as they had to find a last-minute replacement for their initially intended opponents…

Match Report: vs Chevening Amblers CC

A change is as good as a rest, the old saying goes, and the latter – courtesy of holidays and other commitments – has meant plenty of the former for the Kent Ramblas and their personnel this season. Miraculously, Lucy B has persuaded Cap’n Cooper to tour around Europe for a couple of weeks, leaving…

Match Report: vs Brasted Invicta

After two hard fought victories in the previous two weeks, the Ramblas were back at home as they faced Brasted Invicta, keen to keep up their unbeaten form at Fortress Ex-blues.

Match Report: vs Oakhill Taverners

The sun was out in full force as the Ramblas looked to follow on from last week’s epic win vs Sherwood as they traveled to Hayes to take on Oakhill Taverners. Missing from last week’s encounter were Sam Ford and Ed Gibbs and making his return to the side was Johnny Stocks.

Match Report: vs Sherwood CC

Having suffered back-to-back defeats on the road, the intrepid and indefatigable Kent Ramblas returned to the home comforts of West Wickham to take on Sherwood. Welcoming back Doug Danks and Sam Ford, Cap’n Cooper was hit by an unfortunate last-minute withdrawal to leave the hosts facing off with 10 men. With memories flooding back from…

Match Report: vs Monty R&H

Thanks to some more diary related issues from opponents, the Ramblas original fixture was cancelled but with some quick thinking/googling, a new opposition was found. Monty R&H were the hosts and it was another trip to Croydon following last week’s match against Norwood.

Match Report: vs Norwood Exiles

After two successive home games, and on the back of a four match winning streak, the Ramblas headed to Norwood to take on Norwood Exiles, who themselves were on a similar winning run.

Match Report: vs Chevening Amblers CC

Following another hard fought win against Petts Wood in their previous match, the Ramblas return to home comforts as they hosted Chevening Amblers for the first time since 2013. And in what is a rare feat this season, the Ramblas even managed to get a full XI out…

Match Report: vs Petts Wood CC

NEWSFLASH: Cricketers disappearing at alarming rate in Bromley area. Public urged to stay as alert as a Test-level umpire. Yes, that’s right folks, another week brings with it another spell of desperate player-wrangling to be endured by Kent Ramblas captain, Michael Cooper. However, the Auburn Assassin is a hardy soul and as resourceful as a Swiss…

Match Report: vs Pluckley CC

Desperately scrambling around for players until the eleventh hour and driving hungover teammates as they contemplate throwing up into a carrier bag wasn’t the glamour that Michael Cooper signed up for when he was appointed captain. But, you’ve got to play with the cards you’re dealt and that was Cap’n Cooper’s hand as Kent Ramblas headed to…

Match Report: vs Bardhill CC

After an excellent performance in the season opener, the Ramblas were ready for their first home game of the season. However, there were headaches aplenty for new skipper Michael Cooper, who had to not only contend with five first teamers being unavailable for selection but also trying a new opposition as Locksbottom had got the date wrong in their diary.

Match Report: vs Headley CC

After an interminable winter break, that saw Jonny Stocks hand over the captaincy to Michael Cooper, it was finally time for the Kent Ramblas to return to action. Not only was the trip to Headley Cooper’s first game as skipper, it also marked his 100th official game as a Rambla; a milestone marking seven years of…